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Eternal Destiny Site Rules

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1 Eternal Destiny Site Rules on Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:18 am


Very Happy lol! Lets take some rules for the sake of the loveliness of our beloved site.

1. NO cursing allowed.
2.Site Rules
These rules apply to ALL areas of the site.

1) Respect other members
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Flaming, harassment or the insulting of other members will not be tolerated. If you encounter any such abuse, do not respond, but report it to a member of the site staff. Similarly, do not mindlessly disparage an idea/opinion/anime/manga/character - criticism must be thoughtful and constructive, and backed by evidence if possible.

2) Illegal Activity
OtakuZone does not tolerate any illegal activity, including any member contributing to or encouraging other members to take part in criminal acts. This includes, but is not limited to, providing or requesting illegally obtained copyrighted content or links to such content, claiming another person's work as your own, etc.

3) Personal Information
Never post anyone's personal information such as addresses or phone numbers in a public area of the site. OtakuZone takes it’s members’ privacy very seriously - for more information, please refer to the privacy policy.

4) No multiple accounts
If you forget your password, there is a reset function that sends a new password to the email address that you provided here. If you can not receive the new password confirming letter, please ask for help by contacting us.

-The only way to change your user name on OtakuZone is to start a new account. All gold/points/etc will NOT be transferred to the new account. If you choose to start a new account, please inform an administrator of your decision and request that your old account be deleted.

5) No Plagiarism
Do not claim somebody's works (art, graphics, story, etc) as yours.

6) Do not curse or use offensive words/terms
Cursing is forbidden, so please keep the site free from such words. This rule also does not allow anything related to cursing, such as censored curse words or words similar to curse words.

7) No extreme violence or threats
OtakuZone is a place to talk to people, not a place for overly violent battles or a place to threaten. Do not describe any overly grotesque or gory actions, and please do not threaten any member. If a moderator deems an act to be too violent or annoying, please stop immediately.

Cool Do not advertise
It is fine to announce that you enjoy another site, but please do not spam that you like a particular site or spam the link to it. If someone wants the link to the site, contact them privately through a private message. This rule also forbids excessive advertisement of a blog, club, and anything you are able to advertise.

9) Prejudice comments are not allowed
Any racist or sexist comments should be left out of OtakuZone. Keep your negative opinions about other groups of people to yourself. Do not retaliate a person's prejudice attitude, and please ignore them while a moderator handles the situation.

10) No sexual content
Please keep in mind that there are people of various ages on this site. So, please do not type anything too sexual or perform any sexual actions. Kissing, groping, or anything similar are considered sexual actions and are not allowed.

11) Do not pretend to be a staff member
Saying you are a member of the site staff when you are actually not one is not allowed.

12) Respect the staff members
All moderators have the job of making sure that no one breaks rules; there is no reason for you to disrespect them for this. Do not complain about a moderators actions or argue with one. As stated before, if you have a problem with a moderator or feel that a moderator has abused their power, please contact Alice with the abuse explanation and a screen shot or link.

13) Read the rules wherever you go on the site
Every place you go to on this site has its own separate set of rules. Read that section's specific rule set and apply the rules here to that section as well.


Action will be taken against any member that disregards these rules.
If you are aware of a member breaching these rules, please report it to a member of the site staff.

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